I fractured something in my back a year ago so I usually can't do Ab exercise. I have tried to run but there is something wrong with my knees so I am in alot of pain when running. my parent have no support to help me loose weight as they themselves are pretty overweight. I have what is called an hourglass figure. means I have lots of visible curves. anyone who could help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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Theyre not your friends...obviously

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Research low impact exercises and exercises that will help your back. Talk to your doctor and your gym teacher about this to get more advice.

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Those are not your friends.

I too fractured my spine, and dislocated my knee. You have to gradually improve strength, balance, etc.

Walk...if nothing else, just walk. Tighten your tummy as you do it or other things. Watch your posture.

Cut back on portion sizes.

And repeat after me...If they were my friends, they would accept me regardless of my size. They would be supportive of me and love me..thin or fat. rich or poor. It matters not.

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thank you so much. I mostly need self confidence and you have given it to me. I thank all of you!

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If you need another boost, feel free to send me a message.

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You'll be fine sweetie. You are beautiful. You may have think about those people you called your friends though, because they wouldn'tbe giving you a hard time. They'd want to help and support you.

For exercise, try some yoga. Its relaxing and won't put too much stress on your knees & back.

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go to a park, play on the equipment that doesn't hurt. it's free ;)

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Dont eat Big Macs chips and choclate McFlurry's for starters

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I don't know what to say about your friends mocking you except they don't really seem like friends if they are treating you that way. Maybe it's time for a new bunch. As for what to do, go to the doctor and discuss it with him and see what recommendations he has for what to eat and what exercises you can do. There is always some kind of exercise a person can do, but sometimes you have to get creative if you have physical limitations.

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First of all, you're not fat. Secondly, you should always, always ask your doctor if it's ok before starting any diet/exercise plan.

Anyway, if you want to lose weight, I'll tell you from personal experience one of the BIGGEST traps people wanting to lose weight fall into: eating under 1200 cals a day. When you go under 1200 cals a day, your body thinks you're starving to death, so it crashes your metabolism, and your weight loss grinds to a near-stop cause your body is trying to stay alive till the "famine" is over. You'll have to fight your body tooth-and-nail for every lb lost, it's super frustrating and VERY slow, not to mention very unhealthy!

So, if you want long term sustained weight loss, never, ever starve yourself!

As for exercise, I would recommend just walking :/ It's under-rated, but an hour long walk 3x a week will really speed up your metabolism (again, check with your doc). It's not how hard you work out, it's how *long* you workout that makes the difference.

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1. get new friend

2. do exercise everyday

3. don't look down when people mock you look in they eyes and tell them to go **** themself away from you

4. go to a gym

5. go see a doctor for fiber

6. smile it will either annoy them or make them smile either way you win

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Eat healthy

Drink a lot

Walk to school

Find a gym/trainer and get help there

And if anyone says/mocks that you're fat tell them

"I just need a big place for my big heart, do you have one?"

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Eat spinach, strawberries & chicken everyday lol

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Go to Overeater's Anonymous (OA) which is a 12-Step Program. You learn how to cope with your emotions and eat healthy. It's a lifestyle. OA has meetings all over town and at different times of the day/evening. It's free. If you do go, go to at least 3 meetings to decide if it's right for you. It'll change your life, Hun.

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I do care, I thought I didn't but seriously think about it.

Mocked by FRIENDS.


Lol self confidence I know but I'm I was anorexic and it's awful and you're not, ??????


As my friend would say "Get yo logic and dance a sphere in a square circle ******* woah hit that hoe!" She wouldn't say it like that though but seriously get what I'm saying please.

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I was a bit stocky as a young guy, I had almost the same thing. I ate right and I used my arms the most. I lost so much, I was eligible for ROTC

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Give up the sugar. Sugary sodas are the enemy. Definitely get in touch with a gym teacher or a health instructor at your school, as Agonystick suggested.

Do these people you call friends know about your problems? Have they got anything helpful to contribute?

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If you can manage sticking to a simple diet you will notice a difference. When I feel uncomfortable with my weight I eat brown rice and mixed veggies for a week or so.

Make a plan, schedule out you life for 30 days. Start small and you will get there!! The hardest part is starting...

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learn to love your self first and they others will also if running is to much walk but stay active it helps with appetite and try to eat when you are hungry and not bored this is my biggest problem

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That's okay, only doing ab exercises would have made you appear fatter anyways (it would have only built muscle behind the fat). Any exercise is good for you, but you need to try working as much as you can on all areas of the body. You don't need to run. Brisk walking is fine too. Do as much as you can, and work up to the harder stuff.

Drink only water and tea

Limit food to meat, fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables (NO grains!). Preferably eat organic.

But yeah, ditch the crappy friends. Immediately.

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There's only one healthy way to lose weight and that's by exercising in my opinion. Before you can even think about starting a workout plan you have to rehab your injuries so you can exercise safely (spine and knee).

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1. Get new friends. You need to surround yourself with supportive people.

2. Figure out how many calories you should be eating a day. Start counting calories and eat healthy.

3. Try yoga. It's a good workout and some styles can be adapted to be very very safe for your back

Good luck! And remember, love your body!

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