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Save 1/3 of your pay to get a vehicle. Buying a vehicle a couple of years old is good. For a house-save a percentage for a downpayment. You could have payroll deductions automatically if you have less discipline. You could talk with a bank rep or someone older whom you know would give you good advice. Good luck to you. All the saving will be worth it. If you are living with your parents, you should be putting every cent you can away.

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Marry someone with money.

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1) Live at home with Mom and Dad

2) Work your *** off and do NOTHING ! Put every penny in the bank !!!

3) Do not use Credit cards unless you are absolutely certain that you can pay off that balance each month.

4) Do not take out loans except for your car and your mortgage.

5) I would try my best to save up the entire amount of the home and pay it cash.

The amount of interest on a 30 year mortgage can be (2 times) the original loan amount !

So a $100,000 home will end up costing you $300,000 by the time you are done paying for it.

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Couldn't have put it better myself. Apart from the car loan thing. Buy what you can afford nothing more.

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Depends where you live but saving is a good start. speak to a finacial advisor in the bank.

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Find a sugar daddy

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