I have done everything to lose weight but failed.I'm 5 ft 7 inches tall & I weigh 231lbs or 105 kg! I feel depressed and lethargic due to my weight and I feel helpless that I won't lose weight in future.I don't even have a proper girlfriend as I am a 23 year old virgin and I want to get a girl but before that I need to lose weight and feel confident in my own skin.Many times I feel as if I have my soul trapped in a cage of my body! Also I am very sad and depressed as I have done running,boxing,playing football(soccer for Americans),karate but I don't lose weight.Also I face another problem that I can't eat at regular times as I don't know how to cook and I depend on my mom to cook food for me as I can't cook to save my life.So I get food either from hotels like KFCs,Mc Donalds,Subway or I have to eat food made by my mom that I hate to eat! I have decided to have sex with a few hookers before trying to get a girlfriend as I will feel ashamed to tell my GF that I am a virgin!
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Sorry, but truth is you have NOT done everything my friend. The food is your girlfriend ... an your temporary attempts at exercise are how you justify the way she treats you. She'll never take your virginity, an won' let anyone else do it properly. You need to dump her ***.

I understand it ain' easy - an it's easy to get down on yourself ... but ... "I can't cook to save my life"? C'mon. Sorry, but your post is far too well-written with good grammar for me to believe you can' read a cookbook & follow simple directions ... or understand calorie-countin.

There IS no weight-loss plan that includes McD's or the Colonel - even Subway. This is YOUR prollem ... no one gonna solve it for you. The solution is yours an you know it. Time to step up.

I do bout one serious answer every two or three months here at Ep. Don' you blow this on me. You're only 60 pounds from lookin GOOD ... an you're male. That's a lotta positive in the 'relative' world of weight loss. Good luck, man.

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i'm working on losing some weight too, but i have had a hard time with it. What is really helping me out is along with diet and exercise, I went to a weight loss center and they gave me some appettite suppressants that helps me from bing eating, snacking, etc. try going to a doctor and getting a diet plan. Also, have the doctor find your body fat percentage. it's more reliable than the BMI. if you aren't going to cook for yourself, show the diet plan to your mom and ask her to help you follow it. Stay away from restaurants! don't drink caffiene it increases appettite and cravigns. They say a normal person should drink 2 liters of water a day and another bottle for every 25 pounds you want to lose. Drink water 15 mins before eating-it fills you up so you don't eat as much. look at the calorie and fat content of what you are eating. nothing over 3 grams saturated fat. It's something you have to constantly work at. The appetite suppressant only works with diet and exercise. if energy is an issue, talk to someone about trying a Vitamin B12 shot that promotes energy (vitamin b12 pills don't work b/c body breaks them down before they can be used.) and don't waste your virginity on a hooker. Virginity is something you give to the person you think you are going to spend your life with (it's a gift). If a girl loves you, then that will be one of the biggest gifts you can giver her and vice versa. so work at it, and you'll get there. i've already lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks doing all of this stuff.

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the simple equation for ALL weight loss

calories in < calories out

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