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I am a former step-son who was a f-ing angel towards my step-mom compared to my friends towards their real moms, she felt the same as you anyways. You made one dumb ******* decision wedding yourself into an unpaid nanny/sex slave position. Get out now, move the **** out and go back to being girlfriend/boyfriend with your guy untill she goes away to college. You are in for hell if you don't. Neither of you needs the kind of bs that you're gonna put eachother through.

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as a step mom,you can love and earn their respect,with honesty------having a uterus,does not make a mom---my mom was a beast------i would rather have had a stepmom-----or no mom------good luck------

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I have not found this to be the case. I have raised my stepdaughter since age 6. She is now 26. When she was little. I read to her, took her to soccer practice, went to recitals, supported her and loved her with all my heart. When she turned 13 we started having mother-daughter fights (the same as biologically related moms & daughters). The problem was really her dad. He always took her side. I was always the lying evil stepmother in both of their eyes. Now she wants to move back home with her four year daughter. I said there has to be rules which was interpretted as She doesn't want me here, by both my husband and stepdaughter. We are in therapy.............AGAIN!

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IF you are asking here first before asking your husband your current marriage is going to fail. Cut yourself loose now is my advice.

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Take a breather and just accept it. She probably hated you before she ever met you, so at least it's not entirely personal.

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You as the adult have to make an effort to

form a friendship with her, she did not ask for

you in her life. She is a child. Children do things

but there is always a reason. I suggest you start forming

a better connection with her, what dos she like, what

is her hobby's, actually get involved with her. If there

is issues your partner her father needs to talk her. What has

she done that is so bad? It is hard enough for children to

adjust to someone else, take into consideration you are the

adult, the secret here is communication and finding a common

ground. Seriously you all should sit and talk about the concerns,

and find a way to solve them. Say what can i do to better this relationship,

it counts for all of you.

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You will never have peace of mind. You will always be an outsider. Your husband will always take her side. If she lives with you it will be even worse. I have been in this situation for 20 years hoping it would get better. It never did. I tried. I loved my stepdaughter with all my heart and she has done nothing but turn her dad against me. My heart has been broken over and over. If I was younger and knew what I know now, I would have left when things first started. My advice to anyone considering marrying a man with kids is don't.

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