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If you have to tell him that is kind of a problem.

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Tell him.

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I did, but i don't think he understood what i was telling him.if thare were some kind of instructions he would get

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lafsnack is correct, some men do not want to lead. Some are outright submissive!

The good news is, most men are Dominant, somewhere inside. Many men are afraid they are being led on, then WHAM! Many fear hurting her. Mostly, society's taboos are screwing them over.

His ears hear your words. Society's commandments say "Bad data!" The result is his mind hears nothing.

I have posted about this, elsewhere. Try saying, "Yes, Sir," occasionally, when you obviously mean it. Doing little things for Him, which He likes, helps. Something for which He shows no interest, skip it.

Set a very nice table setting, for Him. And so on.

One good book is "Manual Creation, by Machelle Kindle. This book discuses bits of Protocol, specific ways (Her ways, of course) of doing chores, and other things She sees as important. you can choose one or two pieces, at a time, and see whether they work.

Check out experiences, like, EP Link EP Link .

There are many submissive women, on EP, check them out, too!

Have him read the Dominant Men groups, if you can.

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Thank you MasterDavid. I have decided to submit myself with collar and leash to my husband.

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Tell him that you are having trouble shedding your inhibitions, but some part of you wants to go further. And if he's into it you want him to coax it out of you. Give him permission to act out his fantasies and take you along with him. Or at least have a conversation about what each of you is into.

Either that or just tie yourself to the bed one day and see what happens.

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Thank you, i like your reply.

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some men r 2 self conscious to act out those kinds of desires, or even admit to having them. Personally I would love to have a wife like u. I guess just don't come accross like he's not good enough. Just stroke his ego, and say u r so attracted to him, and so arroused by him, u want him to force himself on u, and explain he has every reason to be confident and dominate u. Good luck!

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If he aint the dom by now he aint never gona be . Sum us guys dont like this take the lead be the boss stuff, just look at Shirly 78s husband!

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