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I tried streamates one night and NOBODY came into my chatroom! So I kicked it. Who knows, though. I have heard other gals make more there than on livejasmin or myfreecams. I really like myfreecams and livejasmin, I just started also and working an avg of 12 hrs a week I make about 500-600 per 2 wks just on livejasmin. myfreecams pays even more, it just depends on the night. <br />
<br />
If you have only made 50 bucks in 3 days kick streamate hun and try something else.

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That is very bad, MFC is very good. Live takes a while to get paid but you can make good money there as well. A new company thats out is and they pay the highest I have seen so far. 75%. the agency thats stafs them is Best of luck

Best Answer is the best site for cam models . I love being in this business. The payi ng customers are so nice to me . They pay me first then i do what they ask . And i love getting a check every week . good luck everyone.

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