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some guys do .some guys dont mind a rounded belly. I've never had any problems getting dates and I'm plus sized female in fact. I've been out with my super slim friends and have been approached while they have been left standing.

and when I do meet guys they have ALL been genuinely nice and wanted relationships ..and my thinner friends have had experiences of guys that just seem to want s ex.

I would say dont let yourself go to pot but at the same time be true to your real size and be happy with it. in my experience its the guys that aren't shallow that are the most mature and ultimately make the best partners.

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Why giving it up? Can you cut down instead?

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The key to losing weight is to train your body to function off of stimulants! Stimulants supress ur apetite and depending on which ones you choose some can have you not eating for days at a time! Take adderall and drink red bulls

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