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I've worked for Streamate for 3 years and love it!!! In fact, I'm training girls how to be successful at camming and opening home studios! I make a grand per week working mon-fri 13-15 hrs...I've lost so much weight from all of the work...looking sexier at 39 than ever at 29!!! Look me up me on the site...I'll help you...I love helping women becoming independent....we can and will change the sex industry and thank gosh for the internet!

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I'm 23 years old young blonde haired blue eyes I've never done something like this before and I have a Potential career that I went to school for Batiquitos student that I really really want to get into can meet or phone sex how do I do this safely and the most effective way possible

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HI can you help me I new at streamate started august 6 2013 i have been working almost every day and Ineed to get paid ! Iv emailed smsupport about getting paid how and when a few time but no straight ans to my questions please help Thank you I enjoy working for streamate the customers are super cool

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how do you get paid @Streamte Iv not been paid whoo do i contact?

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Hi. How are Youtube doing? I would like to start to work on streamate but I don't know what kind of camera to choose. Can u tell me more about HD and some characteristics of camera that I should buy? Thank you

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I want talk with you maybe you can help me too :))).please send me messaje when you have time

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Hi - I'd love to hear any advice you may have to give. I'm in the process of signing up for Streamate.

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I work several sites, but Streamate is my absolute favorite! I turn the call option on for guys in the US, but ONLY in Exlusive chat. I've NEVER had a problem getting paid, and what I like about Streamate is that I have the option to be topless in free chat, which makes for a cooler work environment, and higher traffic. I do phone sex, too. Between the phone sex and the cam modeling, my work pays the bills but has many no-no's: no stress, no gas expense, no boss, no set hours when I'm "allowed" to work, no uniform (pretty lingerie. that's basically it).

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I am happy to help anyone looking to apply or who has already applied. I love the site and enjoy every broadcast.

Find me on twitter > mamajamabaaad if you want to talk x x x

Best Answer is looking for female models for our group webcam chat rooms, we are a free service, we don't charge you a dime. We leave the making money part up to you.

We get allot of guys joining our rooms but we are lacking girls being we are new.

We offer HQ quality webcam streaming, if you can upload it, we can stream it to as many clients as you like. You not forced to watch anyone else if you don't want to.

But please contact us buy click the join button, speak to Smeagol, he runs the place. He's will to setup a profile page for you for free.

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I want a guidance in starting with streamate... Itd comlicated with streamate to stattup lime sign up... I want an agent...

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call Cesar at 602-382-1815 hes a model manager that helped me get started im sure he can help you to and they are available 24/7 :)

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I dont know why these girls are having issues with streamate but im a model on streamate i make at the least! if its absolutly dead 25 an hour but i average 70-80 an hour. i love this website lol i do alot of gold shows and privates inbetween, its best to build a fanbase first and i set my per/min. at 4.04$ in private and 4.74$ a min.

guys dont know if your new or not lol set what you want and of corse you get a percentage.

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I've worked for streamate for over two years and I get back what I put into it. It's like a any other job. Now, to answer your question, the per minute rate is set by the performer. A got place to start is 1.99/min and see what the response is. If you're getting lots of pvts, raise the rate...etc.

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I have the same questions because I've been trying to contact any model so I can get some help but I guess the site doesn't let me . I need help to become a better model and make more

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My name is Robinson.

I’m the owner of,

and I personally care for each of my

models that I hire directly. Success of

my models is also my success, so I provide

training for those with no experience, and try

to help them any way possible to be more successful.

I personally help each model to promote their direct

profile page and I have other ways to send more traffic

directly to each models personal profile, to assure more

online exposure a more chances to meet the real paying


In addition to the money that each models makes,

I offer special incentives, bonuses and

prices for top performing models, that you won’t

see on other networks.

In the near future we will have a WebCam Top 10 Models

Contest, and every model that I’ve hired personally,

has a chance to get on the top 10 list. All my models

will be ranked by their overall performance, total revenue

and popularity, and those with the highest scores for the

year will get on the top 10 list.

In the main time, if you are interested to become my model,

don’t waste your time waiting. Get in touch with me at

myhornybabe @ , provide some basic info about

yourself and your experience (if any), include(not obligatory)

some photos of yourself and don’t forget your contact info.

Looking forward to see you as one of my Top 10 Models.

Good luck!


streamate pays you 30% of the price per minute that you choose , minimun is 0.99 - 5 $ per minute but you can go over 5 by making a special request

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yes its pays 1.99$minute

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@lexymae I am working on there and have been making decent money but I was wondering if you have any tips as to what the trick is? I am not able to message you on there.

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It depends on your fixed rate since every streamate model choose her/his rate. The alternative would be to have a livejasmin model account and work at both and then choose the best option

Here is the livejasmin model registration link:

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do you have to go through a studio to work for streammates or can yu go right thru streammates itself. I was told by a person that owns a studio that you have to go thru the but that is not something i am comfortable with. I would much rather work from home on my own then give some creepy man a percentage of my money and he can sit and watch me whenever he wants for free!

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you can go directly through the site...follow the steps and make sure you follow the directions to the T!!!

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Please Check Out and at the very bottom theres a link to become a Model and sign up i filled out the basic contact info and i was contacted the very next day !

Im currently making 7.99 a minute and Im doing shows for 100 and up to 380 on weekends Im making really good money weekly. I did have to wait a week for my first check but its like any other job a week in the hole but now I get my check every Friday and I get one on one help/ training by phone at anytime that im on line they are very nice and im happy working for this cam site i havent had any issues (yet) so will see ill keep you guys posted im doing this full time like a regular job so i hope i get what i put in :)

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coz i want to sex with forienger

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We pay our models 50% of what they earn!

We do public tip system AND private show per minute.

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now im busy

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Streamate is not worth it. The gold shows pay well if you set your rates at a reasonable level, but the privates are too few and far between. Also, their payout structure is horrible. You are better off working on either the monster that is livejasmin or find a smaller site with less girls but higher payout. I worked on adultwork for a while and the payouts were enourmous, 70% and you are paid in UK pounds, you can do what ever you like in the free chat area, it is a no holds barred site. As a consequence the pvts are much more demanding. However, if you work on streamate or LJ for 1.99 per min and you're doing anal, squirting, *******, using big toys etc you might as well try AW because a 70% payout on UK pounds is a lot better than 30 to 50% of usd. There are a lot of smaller sites that target specific customers, go and look, don't be put off because membership is low, see which girls are having the pvts and go and see what they are offering and doing in their freechat areas.

I have found that nearly every site works out the same, all of them seem to run at nearly 10% of girls in pvt at any one time. Go on any site that interests you and see how many girls are online, then count how many are in pvt, if less than 7% are in pvt then don't sign up for that site. You want high customer and low membership. I now work on a site where more than 25% of girls are in pvts, and no I'm not telling you which site I'm on. Not even if you PM me!

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I made my first $40 webcamming on streamate in 1/2hr. I had great help from a friend and once I move back out of home I'll be back on there!

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They pay u 35% of what you earn if you are in most Western countries, they pay 30% in other countries. Agencies (also called studios) take an additional cut (5-70%) and are mostly exploitative scum and should be avoided whenever possible. If you can instead sign up directly thru, you should.

Previous poster is right that you need HD cam and good upload speed, or you will not make much money.

Some good resources are: and

Hope this helps!

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