They mean well, and I am a nice person. I will not be mean to them about it, so please don't tell me mean things to say. I have considered replying with my thoughts on evolutionary theory but am afraid this will just open a can of worms.
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Tell them religion is like a penis. It's perfectly acceptable to have one, but don't get it out and start waving it around in public, and PLEASE don't try to shove it down people's throats... especially children.

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Good luck.

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Agnosticism is the view that the truth value of certain claims—especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, but also other religious and metaphysical claims—is unknown or unknowable. Agnosticism can be defined in various ways, and is sometimes used to indicate doubt or a skeptical approach to questions. In some senses, agnosticism is a stance about the similarities or differences between belief and knowledge, rather than about any specific claim or belief.

The key here is that agnosticism is generally accepted to indicate doubt in a higher being. Your friends are simply trying to help you come to a decision and are hoping you will choose christianity. I also am an agnostic and my method of dealing with those who push their beliefs on me is to debate them. This is generally done by christians simply because i don't have much contact with people of other religions, so i studied, i read the entire bible from cover to cover and i have found that christians hate when you can dispute their claims from the very book they use in their daily worship LOL

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I am amazed at how many various ways folks define agnosticism! I have read the bible cover to cover too as I grew up in a small southern town and was indoctrinated at an early age. And no, I am not someone who one day became "mad at God". I just left my small hometown, was exposed to the world and varying beliefs, and began to think for myself (what a concept!) I believe many things are possible....some things are just more plausible than others. In my opinion, the contemporary Christian interpretation of the bible is highly unlikely. I think only the dead knows what happens after we die (if they know anything at all). I do not believe ANYONE has the answers and have found those that most strongly believe they do seem the farthest off base.

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It seems like you are, in some way, being 'Educated' by your friends. They mean well, I'm pretty sure about that, but I do know, from experience, there are some practicing Christians who can be overbearing; let's say it as it is, they are being overbearing if you don't want to listen to them. You are right; if you start discussing evolution it will add more fuel to their apparent 'urge' to put their feelings onto you.

Firstly, you need to be as bold and confident in how you treat them as they treat you. Tell them you really don't want to discuss religion. You can do this with a smile on your face, because you aren't being 'horrid' ... you are politely telling them you don't want to hear any more and the smile is an added bonus :-)

See how you go, but you should *never* find yourself in a position where you feel you are being harrassed.


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Forlorn3 might have a point - calling yourself "agnostic" does kinda imply you're interested in hearing arguments for religion. It's a bit like calling yourself bicurious and wondering why lesbians keep hitting on you...

But still, if they don't respect you enough to listen when you say you don't want to hear about it, they aren't very good friends.If they're worried that you're missing out on something, then maybe if you stress to them that you're perfectly happy and well-balanced without a god in your life, and that it's perfectly possible to see the good in the world without anthropomorphising it, they might be persuaded to give you a break.

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It is as unacceptable for them to push their beliefs on you, as it is for you to push your beliefs on them about being agnostic. I think having that evolutionary theory discussion is counter-productive to your whole concern, as it is only going to cause arguments. I am also agnostic-athiest (thanks to the poster who clarified that), and I have faced this issue many times. When it gets heated the friends will side with "God" almost without question, and they are not allowed to argue with what has been forced into their heads, because that is a rule of faith... don't question it... just believe it or else. lol (I have asked someone why the "Bible" doesn't mention dinosaurs, and of course the answer was very fast... "God put those bones there to test our faith!" This reminds me of the same types of brainwashing that racists teach their children... just to hate... you don't need to know why or even feel it yourself... just hate. Well, many religions are about "Just believe!" and that is exactly why I am agnostic, besides Occam's Razor, but I have digressed a bit here.) I am actually disrespecting the religious right now by stating facts that have no answers in religion. While I do not personally know where dinosaurs came from, I am inclined not to believe a magical being of any kind did it to fool us. That is delusional thinking, and since 95% of the world's population believes in some higher power, we are the minoirty, and the ones who are truly evolving if you ask me. When your life is based on make believe, how can you really make intelligent decisions about anything? Children are taught to believe in Santa Claus, and they do until someone reveals the truth... and when someone reveals it to a young child they still "want " to believe it, if Santa has provided a nice take. So why do people continually believe after their brains have matured and developed to the point of having free thought? Well, religions tend to forbid free thought throughout life, especially if it is in regard to God being real or not. People are told God will test your faith... but maybe they need to be told that common sense will test their sensibility. Believing in a God is basically brainwashing from way back that has not caught up to the present. I truly believe this because there is no reason to believe in god so why do it?

For those of you who believe and are getting mad... what are you defending? Religion is controlling you mentally, and it is most successful in large groups.

Perhaps have a dialog that starts with this... "How would you feel if I spent my time trying to convince you that your beliefs are incorrect? Would it offend you? It offends me because I feel it is not respectful of who I am, and I feel hurt when you assume that your beliefs are superior to my own. I think we can be friends without having this discussion every day, and I'd like it a lot more if we could agree to this. What do you say?"

If all else fails, go with the di

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Why are they forcing their beliefs on you? Are you going around saying, "I am agnostic!" or something? My friends very rarely talk about their religious beliefs. You might be hanging around some extremists.

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The thing with being an agnostic is that it will probably feel like either side of the isle is trying to force their beliefs on you. Tell them you would prefer not to talk about religion with them. If they persist then you have no choice but to walk away.

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Unfortunately asking this type of Christian to stop prosthelytizing will be impossible. They will become intolerant if they don't have their way and sometimes they can be dangerous. They have a type of narcissistic personality disorder attached to their belief which exonerates them of any type of rational logical behavior. I have dealt with the same issue before and the solution was to end the relationship and it was the best thing I ever did. Now I am finally happy again.

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For christians I don't think there is a nice way. They justify their behavior with the bible. No apologies for doing what god "commands" them to do. If they are pushing your gonna have to push back. I don't want a debate but I am tired of the disrespect. Can't we just have lunch and a good time?

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They don't mean well. They're insulting you and trying to rape you with their religion.

If they actually respected you, they would keep their religious filth to themselves. The only ethical theists I've ever met are the ones who never talk about it.

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You're religious talk it bumming me out. That's how you tell them.

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You can choose not to be mean and have them continue to shove, or you can defend yourself with extreme prejudice. These are the same views that powered the Crusades and the Inquisition, where people were converted by force.

I say if you can explain logically why you are agnostic and not Christian like them, then enter a debate. Demonstrate how you have arrived at your conclusion logically and how their faith is just an emotional clinging to a very black and white system resulting from upbringing and a mitigating of the hardness of reality with the idealism of a world to come. Offence is the best defence in this game of faith.

I only think there is a God from logical deduction, but It is only what is logically deducible from the existence of sentient matter (the human brain etc.) and an alteration in semantics, rather than what the Bible says. I'm not going to make dogmatic assertions like "God exists beyond the Universe" or "God has a will (morality - right and wrong) other than the laws of physics (what happens - gravity, causality etc.)" Let alone the ridiculousness of "God had a son who was still God who then killed himself to save humanity from himself." Not only is that a complete dogmatic assertion, but it's also nonsensical. Why would God have to go through this ordeal just to save his own creations? Why can't God just decide to not threaten them with punishment for being 'sinful'? There are also paradoxes which logically CANNOT be explained or understood and therefore are meaningless, like people going around saying "I believe 2+2=5".

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If you get a good answer out of this, please let me know. Im tired of all the "well meaning" belief forcing I get from certain people I know.

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Religion is like a So true. I'll definitely quote that in the future.

Like Winston said, the label "agnostic" implies a position of fence-sitting, almost as if declaring yourself undecided--which unfortunately does open you up to proselytizing. In the past, I've called myself irreligious-- to avoid all the assumptions that come along with labels like atheist and agnostic. It works pretty well most of the time.

I'm intensely atheist, but this has not been an issue with my few close born-again Xtian friends; they seem to understand that the subject doesn't need discussion.

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You're not just an agnostic. You can be an agnostic-atheist or an agnostic-theist (if you want to retain your title of agnostic) but just saying agnostic means you:

"a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God. "

Now let's look at the definition of atheism:

"disbelief in the existence of God or gods. "

Now let's look at the definition of disbelief:

"inability or refusal to accept that something is true or real:Laura shook her head in disbelief

lack of faith:I'll burn in hell for disbelief"

So, as you see, the fundamental requirements to an atheist is to not believe in God. You can be a theist or an atheist who holds the agnostic position. If you don't believe in God and call yourself an agnostic, then you are an agnostic-atheist.

For your actual question, I cannot provide much of an answer there. I just wanted to clarify the above. ;P

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Yeah, there's some hypocrisy there... We're expected to respect others' beliefs, but our own are not accepted or considered valid.

I find that debate is ineffective (even if they lose miserably); they were likely indoctrinated at an impressionable age, so there's no shaking the beliefs. And there's no shaking mine; I have yet to see a deity or any magical/supernatural phenomena. So nobody's backing down. Sooo....

I would (and do) make the analogy of myself standing outside a church trying to convince believers of the truth...same thing, no? How would they react to that?

It takes some balls to claim Agnosticism/Atheism in the U.S., especially in the south.

Godspeed to ya ;)

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i think u just did//read ur question

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I adore that answer about the Penis, never heard that one before, but how fitting!

I am no longer a christian but strangely still attend church sometimes, I have many christian friends. The problem is with those who take the Bible Literally , they believe with all their heart they MUST pray, pursue and do their part in warning you of your fate. It is their mission in life to save souls, some seriouisly live for this. It is quite onknoxious but sadly the case. Blame scritpure for putting these beliefs into their heads.

I have had to use this scripture to get one friend off my back, telling him that Biblically he should be dusting off his feet -- Matt 10:14 says ..." If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home ". That REALLY ticked him off !!

So he realized my friendshhip meant more to him than his beliefs since he is still around! Now he accepts & RESPECTS our differences. As it should be.

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but thats why we call them friends,because we just like them.and beside friends are friends because they try to share with us something not as they taking you to clubs and encourages you to take drugs.and by the way,is just not possible to explain evolution :). but if they push this too much,then is good to take some distance from and think about what they told you and about evolution.

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