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try and go inside yourself

understand that you have been feeling bad lately and you are going to change that and you are happy with yourself that you are gonna go out there and change your life slowly and steadily until you get there.

Me to man I thought it was "my life" and beause I blaimed life instead of myself it got worse and now Iam battling with myself, confuised about wether Iam so incredibly strong or really really hurt, its gonna take awhile but I will pull myself out. You will have alot of things in your life that you can change, probaly perception 1st, thats why we get depressed and restless, something inside us is trying to tell us something

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hmmm, I suggest all that your experiences suggest rolled into one Energizer powered master leading you through all of your favorite places and possible actions until you're so tuckered you pass out and dream it never ends.

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Like my spouse told me a few days ago via text... 'I need you to **** me into a coma so I can get some sleep.'

I guess her solution to solving insomnia is an ******.

She never wants sex otherwise.

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Well i'm not sure what you are bored with , maybe you have to much time to think. Maybe your energy needs to be channelled into something positive to help other its so rewarding . ? Interesting to find out why you are bored. Lol x

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A cup of hot tea.

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