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Meditate. exercise. help others in anyway you can. good food, good sleep and practice positivity.

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take a walk. it helps me. Gives me thinking space and abitity to put things in order of a sense

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Moving Water

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river

moving in you, a joy.

When actions come from another section, the feeling

disappears. Don't let

others lead you. They may be blind or, worse, vultures.

Reach for the rope

of God. And what is that? Putting aside self-will.

Because of willfulness

people sit in jail, the trapped bird's wings are tied,

fish sizzle in the skillet.

The anger of police is willfulness. You've seen a magistrate

inflict visible punishment. Now

see the invisible. If you could leave your selfishness, you

would see how you've

been torturing your soul. We are born and live inside black water in a well.

How could we know what an open field of sunlight is? Don't

insist on going where

you think you want to go. Ask the way to the spring. Your

living pieces will form

a harmony. There is a moving palace that floats in the air

with balconies and clear

water flowing through, infinity everywhere, yet contained

under a single tent.

The springtime of Lovers has come,

that this dust bowl may become a garden;

the proclamation of heaven has come,

that the bird of the soul may rise in flight.

The sea becomes full of pearls,

the salt marsh becomes sweet as kauthar,

the stone becomes a ruby from the mine,

the body becomes wholly soul.


The intellectual is always showing off,

the lover is always getting lost.

The intellectual runs away.

afraid of drowning;

the whole business of love

is to drown in the sea.

Intellectuals plan their repose;

lovers are ashamed to rest.

The lover is always alone.

even surrounded by people;

like water and oil, he remains apart.

The man who goes to the trouble

of giving advice to a lover

get nothing. He's mocked by passion.

Love is like musk. It attracts attention.

Love is a tree, and the lovers are its shade.

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thanks dear

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I'm in a similar boat. Except I don't care about things anymore. it sucks. try to care about something and it might help?

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gin will give u temporary relief

face the problem and get through

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what is gin ?

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liker just like vodka, rum, scotch etc

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you can do something on EP, post about your problems and share it together. who knows there maybe somebody can help you...

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i already did ...wrote story about it...but now um very upset..

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why? is it because no one response to it?

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no not frnd insulted me today um upset

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just ignore him/her...they might be jealous of you...

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Go to the beach when it's cloudy out


less crowded

get a good tan

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faber beans and gin

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