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Me =) That animal would be me. see, I've re-arranged my apt , bringing my bed out into my livingroom in the corner, and its elevated up on a futon/bed frame, and perpendicual to it along the other wall, my other very cushy futon. And its right bomb, right.. and there is still a lot of ceiling space... So this got me thinking.. That I want to build a platform above my bed, like a bunk bed, but more like a safe padded platform to climb up on an stretch out on. Maybe have it curved a bit do do my own spinal adjustments, heh ;) More or less, I wants to build a playground in my livingroom / bedroom. The more like an animal I've been feeling lately, the more I wants to shift to living as one ^_^ Anyways, thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? ... Am I crazy? =)
Mougywolf Mougywolf 26-30, M 1 Answer Jan 10, 2013 in Hobbies

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