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muqeema muqeema 13-15, F 4 Answers Nov 30, 2012 in Quizzes

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Take a course in landscape architecture. Or if that's what this is about, do your own homework.<br />
<br />

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1. What you will plant. <br />
A. How much sun is needed by each plant and how big it will get or vine out. <br />
2. Write down each plants characteristics and note if it has any special needs. <br />
A. Sun<br />
B. Shade<br />
C. Fertilizer<br />
D. Dept of planting seed or plant.<br />
E. Watering needs. <br />
F. Likely pests and what you should do about them. <br />
3. The soil. How it needs to be worked, fertilizd and readied before planting.<br />
A. Also know the length of your growing season.<br />
4. In the case of seeds, know weeds from the actual plant once they sprout..

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Hire someone

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