I am in a very loving relationship with a man 22 yrs younger than me.. we don't see the age difference as we get on so well.. when we met his maturity was that of an older man and I thought he was bout 35.. When we met I was 48 and he was 26.. We remained friends for some time but just got closer and closer and couldn't bare to be away from each other... might I say that the relationship is definately not sex based nor am I a mother figure to him.. he has a great relationship with his mother and I am a very young minded person.. the majority of my friends are btn 10-24 yrs younger than me and I have very young interests and energy levels.. our only one problem that comes up from time to time is the question of children.. I have 3 grown up children and he has none. I know I would be silly to consider having a child at my age, but in my head I am 25 and would love to give my love a child.. my delima is do I let go of him and break his heart so he can have the opportunity to meet someone younger than me and have the opportunity to have a family (which I know he wants) or stay together and he misses out on having children and watching me die first ?? neither of us want to end the relationship but I know deep down I should walk away either now in the next 10 yrs so he can have that chance... :(
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Don't you think how he decides on that issue should be his decision. By making decisions for him you are acting like his mother.

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Of course these things can work out. The age gap creates issues, but every relationship has them. Forget the haters - you can totally make this work.

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Enjoy what you have to as long as you can and consider yourself lucky.

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Enjoy the relationship you are in. Has he mentioned wanting children? Some men do and some don't. You could always have your eggs frozen if you think it will get that serious. Let him decide the kind of relationship he wants. If it is going well then don't spoil it.

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yes he has... when we first started going out he decided that he didn't want any and was happy being a step dad to my children... altho my children are older and all live on their own now.. he just wanted to be with me... I am the one that has the occasional issue with our age difference. On occasions this 'child' issue comes up.. I just don't want him to miss the opportunity because I am too old to have his children..thank you for your comment

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Lets work this out

your 48 he is 26

now your 68 and he is 46

He walks away and find a hot younger lady

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our connection is not about superficial 'looks' its about a deep and very real love... when out & about I get propositioned by many young men but take it as a compliment and feel how lucky I am to have a man that truely loves just the way I am.. regardless of the age difference. Not all men go for young hot ladies.. some see something more in a woman besides looks.. thank you for your comment..

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I read it twice & saw ya profile

1 - You know he wants a family

2 - You know you can't bear kids @ age 48-50

3 - You have the energy levels of @ 30

4 - We both know how media say several female stars @ 50+ are sexier than most women in teens, 20s & 30s

I'm 64: I only ticked the box I did cuz all my life, folk gave taken @ 12 yrs off me

In fact, as a volunteer in a charity shop, in my 50s, a late 20s megababe refused to believe I was over 30

I go to gym 4 times a week & am often the only man dancing with a circle of megababes, who ask for photos to be taken with me in group hug & 1-2-1 kiss & cuddle

Last summer, when walking by our local college, 9 lads ran past me & 1 stole my cowboy hat

This ex-champ MMA teamster challenged all of 'em to fight, told 'em where I was going & gave 'em 5 mins to bring da hat back B4 callin 999

They did

OK: summer ideal to google best free online dating

& to post pix here

& that's not a crafty ploy to take advantage: I'm half Irish & will talk to anyone

OH: I'm sure ya profile aint got hometown?

& I'm sure ya aint filled in the extra details that help folk get to know ya

Search youtube @ flirting & confidence & MMA tutorials

Edot: I'm the only reply ya didn't insert a reply to & mine's the most thorough

But my email address is for any reader who neds it: as an old sales rep, I'm an incorrigible opportunist


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Talk about it with him in depth without leaving anything out and if neither of you are willing to break it off then you're love is stronger than the age gap will ever be and I envy you. I wish you both the best of luck no matter where life takes you.

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Thank you for your comment :D

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I loved reading your post . I am in a marriage and have 4 school age children . We have no relationship and no sex but stay together for the kids . I met someone who is 28 3 months ago - I am 48 . It feels like there isn't a day between us . We both are so happy together - both sexually and personality wise . We don't get to see each other more than once a week as we have our own lives but I am so scared as to how this will turn out and end - as it has to . He has no desire for children yet but I suspect that with his sexual energy and exposure to young girls he will soon meet others even if for a trivial relationship whilst no match to what we have . How do you deal with this ? What do your friends think and how long have you been together ? I feel helpless but ironically he is so devoted to me . Any advice ?

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I don't see any problem with that relationship I love someone with age difference myself... I am 28 seems to be around 30s

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Do you seriously think that it will last much longer???????

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yes we do :D it is an odd match I agree.. but who can predict who you will love and who will love in your return.. thank you for your comment

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