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My husband asked this question when I took him to the doctor last week. Practical advice:

1) Switch to unsweetened tea, unsweetened coffee or diet drinks. Sugared soft drinks are killer and easy to cut.

2) More sleep - it makes a difference.

3) Avoid bread wherever possible. Not just the bread basket at the restaurant but also the toast in the AM and burger bun at lunch.

4) Don't eat after 8. Eater dinner early and if you must snack, do that early too.

Obviously, calorie reduction and excercise are the ultimate answer, but eating earlier, getting a bit more sleep, avoiding bread and drinking without sugar are easier things which can make a HUGE difference.

good luck!!

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First - reduce the portions you eat, and eat more often during the day, lower your fat, sugar and carb intake, exercise more - (especially cut out all refined white flour products for a while, such as: pizza, white bread, pasta - these are the worst); Replace those with macrobiotics - fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains - and lower the intake of processed foods - Guaranteed - you do this over time and you'll lose weight for sure.

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Losing weight is mainly basic health, not over eating food just because you get a craving doesn't mean your hungry and most importantly exercise and not just small amounts join sports classes, gym dance classes and the weight will just come off you will feel better. Its also important not to over exercise or under eat as this will make you put more weight on as the muscle turns to fat.

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Stop eating.

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Eat less; move more.

It really is that simple. But eat well, plant strong. You don't have to "exercise"...just be active, more active than you have been. And unless your stomach is are NOT just want to eat more. Don't. You're welcome.

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a vegan diet.

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Eat better, consume less total calories, exercise more.

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The way I have lost weight is .

Go shopping and then walk the store

for every.

And then drinking water and water.

And then cut out sugars and pops .

And I tell you lost 6 pound in a about


Good luck

I am here to talk to . And that help me to.

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Start walking... it's easy, it's fun, it's free, it's great for you heart and soul, it gets you out of the house, Start at you're own pace and slowly increase when you are ready!

Before starting any exercise... See your Doctor and tell him what you want to do... specially if you have not exercised for a long time!

There is no pressure on you, and after a couple of weeks you will feel great; as long as you are persistent and walk regularly... You will reap the rewards. It works I have done it myself. Check my blogg if you like...

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thanks alot!

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Your very welcome... Good Luck!
If I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to private message me any time... Mike.

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First, I think it's good that you're not looking for a way to lose a lot of lbs very quickly ; as it's both unhealthy, and very likely that you'd put the lost weight back on right away.

Starting with healthy nutrition & a healthy diet is very important (seeing a nutritionist is really helpful too if you're able to do so) It may be beneficial to keep a food diary. Recording when/what you've eaten throughout the day. It will help you see & become aware of your eating patterns. There's also sites online which are free that you can keep a food log, exercise journal, etc - all in one spot & it actually tells you the calories in every kind of food & that are burned in all sorts of exercises. Also, the creation of a meal plan to try to stick to & follow every day.

Exercise of course is very important. Even when you're done working out - try to remain active throughout the rest of the day. You'd be surprised how many calories you will burn just doing household duties like cleaning, washing dishes, vacuuming, or grocery shopping etc. Other small things like taking your dog or child for a walk to the park & playground.

Avoid any OTC diet pills or weight loss aids - as they are not only expensive, but also dangerous to your health, and lead to people losing weight temporarily without any lasting results.

Healthy weight loss is 1 - 2 pounds a week. Personal trainers at fitness gyms like Curves can help out too. It's nice because it is only for women, so you're less likely to feel anxious or nervous while exercising. I've read a lot that cutting out 500 calories per day from your normal diet is extremely helpful in weight loss!

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The best way to by understanding your eating habits and cravings.

Then learning to control them instead of them controling you.

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Food is everything. If you're not in control of how much you eat, all the exercise in the world won't matter. If you're really really unfit, just walk. Walk fast enough and you can burn the same rate of calories as running (don't believe the myth that walking and running are the same, this has already proven to be incorrect and is quite stupid when you think about it)

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