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LennyBM LennyBM 22-25, M 5 Answers Sep 6, 2012 in Health

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Get a scheduling book and schedule everything you do, it might sound crazy and obsessive, but that is what I had to do because my mind would be all over the place when I am busy. I scheduled my prayer time, when I went to bed, when I got up, when I ate, when I did homework and etc. After awhile I didn't need to schedule anything because I was on track.

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you and i need DISCIPLINE AND A GOOD AGENDA {a to do list}.,and a mental picture of the benifits of having achieved. Its that simple and we know it but it may be stemming from laziness or fear of failure.............or worse denial....thats not me tho im pretty aware

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Anti-ADHD medicine could help.

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