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I am just confused. Aside from my personal work/ talent etc.... Lets say if a musician makes great music that could appeal to many people, and they market them selves correctly and diligently (ie to venues, online, to record labels), will they be able to go full time? I am just starting out. I have about 10 songs but none of them are finished... I will finish them.. its just exhausting...and it can be expensive... its great but I just need to know... if I ever do make anything worthy... and I put myself out there in the right ways... will I be able to do music full time? I work and go to school right now to become an architect... it's really hard to do 3 things at once... All I want to do is music.. but it is extremely terrifying at times... I can be overly perfectionistic... Sometimes I enjoy it fully and have no reservations about my situation... Other times I get afraid. Thanks
Peanut300 Peanut300 22-25, F 5 Answers Feb 1, 2013 in Community

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What specifically are you afraid of?

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no one hearing my music

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Complete the songs first .... let the music do its job :) ... But as of going full time Musician is a bit risky atleast in my country .... :)

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