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can you walk? can you function without the aid of others?are you blind,deaf,retarded,dying of something?homeless,starveing...ect.... be thankful for the life that you have and if you dont like it then change it.

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God don't make no junk !!!!!

Lose you life in service to those who genuinely have disabilities,

* volunteer at a children"s hospital

aged care facilities, meals on wheels, St Vincent's De Paul,

or any charity.

Bring help to the needy

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nobody is a loser.u must be having something to do,keep doing.u must be having some interest areas,keep doing those things.look at yourself proudly.

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He put you here for a purpose. Find It!

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That is a lie from satan. Go read Psalm 37- that is the truth. God delights in you and in who you are becoming. Life isn't easy. Anything we want in life takes winning countless of little battles before we 'become who we are in life'. But God can be trusted and the voice of Satan can NEVER be trusted. The voice of your enemy can never be trusted.

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Well I am so sorry you feel that way,, bit GOD loves you,, I am very sick and I suffer everyday of my Life with a bone disease,, There have been times the PAIN is so bad I donot know How I wil make it through,,, and here you are saying your a loser,, that a CHOICE only you made,, you can be a winner if you want,, sounds to me like a pity trip,, donot mean to be cruel ,,just truthful,,

Find a group,, a 12 step program,, there is therapy,, see help,, remeber god loves you and I am sure there are alot of other people who also care alot about you but your to busy calling yourself a looser to see it

Take care and good luck

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I am not exactly sure how that is a ? but either way if that had been his plan this exact moment I am sure he would have so hold your head up you are blessed with more time :) and when you are at the bottom the only place you can go is up... I know it is corny lol but it works

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Many of us have thought that- and yet ended up in a life of service to others! What an ironic twist, we finally find our place- but its in service!

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