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I teach reading at a middle school. I love my job because I love kids! It is a meaningful career. It is rewarding. It doesn't pay much. To continue being a teacher means that I will never go anywhere. I will never travel. I will never get to see the world. I will never do anything exciting. I live pay check to pay check. I can't give my college daughter anything. I struggle to pay her monthly college payment. I don't have the money for clothes, shoes, or anything extra. I saw an article on being a nanny in NYC. The nanny's pay was more than mine. She did not have to pay rent. She had insurance. Plus, she lives in NYC. She gets to travel with the family. Sounds like a dream. Can anyone give me more information about being a nanny? I want to know everything! How hard is it to get a position? Pay? Are you treated like a "the help"? Can you have friends? Can they visit?
cbayl cbayl 41-45, F Jun 15, 2014 in Community

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