Anyone remember the rest of the lyrics? Hmm, the "pram" line is good, but that's Monty Python, not I Love Lucy
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It was from a I love Lucy episode. Ricky sings it to Ethel in the ladies auxillary operetta

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Dunno the rest of the lyrics but feeling rather jolly now... Hurrah!

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i have to push the pram a lot?

ah, well i have a terrible confession: i hate "Lucy". decided when i was 5 that it was an insult to my intelligence ;)

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So; What You Doin Here Then...???

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I am the Good Prince Lancelot

I love to sing and dance a lot

I have an eye, for a pretty face

I love the girls, but it's no disgrace.

There was Mercedes, Rosalind, Betty and Sue

Dorothy, Janice and sweet Mary Lou

Audrey, Vivi and Anastelle

But that's all over with now.

All I want is you, Lily

To you I'll be true, Lily

Come with me and we'll ride away

Over the hills to my hideaway.

Listen to my plea, Lily

I'm a man that needs, Lily

Please say you will darlin', don't say you won't

Say you'll marry me.

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