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Brainyblonde Brainyblonde 66-70, F 1 Answer Nov 18, 2010

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Yes. Are you familiar with "Camp Ground Hosts"? If you are going to live in a mobile camper, you should check with State Parks in the nation, and find out how to become one. This will allow you to work for a spot at the campground. The work is next to nothing, and will take one hour out of your day. In return, you not only get a free sight, but you can stay for months, without having to leave. In the big parks, you will not be the only campground host, so you will be able to have a neighbor or two, that doesn't pack up and leave in a few days. Good luck. I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much! I did not know about this. I will be retiring in 2012 (or sooner) and am getting ready to retire by figuring out if I can live in a camper van. This sounds like a terrific idea!

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