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I knew my wife as a co-worker for 7 years before we were together. at this time she told me most of her sexual exploits, to include 3m 1g foursomes, and many other **** quality experiences. I was turned on at the time from it, but did not want to get involved otherwise. We later connected intimately and my desire to have the girl in the stores was a big influence for me. Once married, I was still turned on by the past and told her of my fantasies with her, but she has matured and no longer wishes to live that life. I has been with more partners in one night than I have in my life, and I feel betrayed because she gave sexual erotic experiences to others but not me. I have done a good job at moving past it, but it still turns me on to think about the sex in her past fantasizing about my involvement. Because of this, I had even thought about trying to include another man while having sex. But after trying to use her past during sex, I found myself sick to my stomach. What should I do?
loonygoon loonygoon 36-40, M 2 Answers Jul 10, 2010

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I wouldn't wander too off the beaten path. She's your wife and is asking you to respect some of her boundaries. She obivously cares more about you then just being an F partner. One night stands are not romantic, they are just lusty desire.<br />
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Can ya'll do a pretend hour and then you can get your rocks off too.<br />
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Pretend she has multiple personalities. Your wife is the nice, mature one, and her other side is a ****. When the **** comes out, enjoy it, but don't disrespect your wife afterwards. That way you can have your cake and eat it too.<br />
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Oh and listen to the song "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" by Everclear.

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