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Dear fairy god mother please give me a virgin cute girl who will be my girlfriend. I would like her to have a typical tsundere personality. I would like her to also be intelligent. Someone who does not drink alcohol or smoke and who loves animes. I would like her to confess her love to me. I would like her to be a virgin girl who is younger than me and who never loved anyone but me. I would like this to happen really soon I will give you anything. ANYTHING just please make this happen. I need it. I will love her never cheat her and I would make her happy. Please I would give you whatever you want from me please help me!

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Aww!!! So cute so cute! Kawaiiiiii!!!!

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i wish i won my life for new game

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1. My moms rent will drop $1,000 for her apartment
2. All my family members will live to 93 and up
3. All my family members will go to heaven

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I wish that Danny can be happy.

I wish that Ashley can be happy.

I wish that Brianna didn't have to die.

Thank you.

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Dear fairy god mother

I wish that I had purple and blue braces

I wish that I was as skinny as Mariah Delapaz

I wish I had 50 pairs of Jordan shoes

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i wish for straight a's for my exam

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Please grant me the wish and make me successfull in being offered the job I attended the Interview on 11,3,14. Please make them offer me a postion


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1. Daniel would be my boyfriend

2. To become rich and famous

3. To have money to donate to the childrens hospital 

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1.dear fairy god mother i really want the iphone5c

2.i want my family to have all the money they need without having to stress about money

3.i wish i could marry niall horan

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1. I wish to pass my second year exams.

2. I wish to pass my second year exams.

3. I wish to pass my second year exams.

(that's all I want)

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i wish to be the most beautiful girl in the world

i wish i can be so rich

i wish to be the most genius in the world

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I wish i can turn into famuse people when i say ther name so ik what it feels like to be them

I wish i have a watch that changes me into anyone when i say there name

I wish my wish will come true in 1 hour :)

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I wish I can levitate while sitting in the lotus pose

I wish I am flexible enough for the lotus pose

I wish that my wishes be granted in twenty minutes please and thank you :)

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i wish to be handsome,fairy god parents and my mom to get back together with my dad plz

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1 status and connections for my friends and family

2 power and money to change the world

3 fame and fortune for myself

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1) To have been born in Japan

2) To meet Arashi and become friends

3) World Peace

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1) I wish I was turned into an extremely sexy women to understand women more.

2) I want wish one to happen soon as possible

3) Make me extreme Beautiful and curves all in the right spots

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Uh hi fairy godmother um here are my wishes. I wish that I could have the power of flight and fly at speeds so unbelievable. And I wish I could have telekinesis like from the movie chronicle. And I wish that I can make energy balls and create/ make them into anything and make them do anything I want them to like green lantern. Please make these wishes come true PLEASE I want to use these powers to have fun with my god brother and do house chores easier thank you.

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I wish for a sexy buetiful girlfriend who is into and has the ability to shrink me and swallow me whole with food and bringing me back to life

I wish that when she shrunk my my voice was normal

That she kept the shrinking subject between us and did it in private.

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1)i wish have long hair.

2)i wish i can get $100000,000.

3)i wish to i can get tall up shoes.

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Are u going to criticzie if I answer

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I would like to be turned into a girl, have the power of a Goku, and I wish at any school they would allow fighting

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I'll wish for 100 million more fairy god mothers. A nice house that's already paid for and bundles of money in my kids' trust funds so they don't have to struggle like I did.

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