we were good friends,,, we shared every thing in our lives, except physical relation which is normal in india.. we don't get physical before marriage. one day (last month) she just told me about her feelings ..... but instead of saying yes... i said no... i realized she was too good,,, she is a surgeon... good personality... and i am just a software guy who is casual most of the time.. and i am not good looking either.. so i told her, that i am not good enough and i deleted her contacts, and changed my contact details.. now we don't talk.. becoz i think it may lead to more mis-understandings... is it ok ? or did i over-reacted.. ? she stayed calm after hearing my answer and didnt reacted much...
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its One of your Indian scholars saying's that all "All married couples relation are built in heaven"...

So f she's your fate then nothing can make you away from her.

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Surgeon? There goes your meal ticket.

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She may be hurt. Hearing those kind of low self-esteem statements would make anyone (well, at lest for me) feel that you really don't know him/her, considering that you've shared a lot with her.

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Honestly I think it is wrong for an individual to make this choice for the other person.

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your a silly man.if she likes you.and you likes her.and got along with each other.noting else matters.she could be the lady for you

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Things that make two people well suited for marriage:-

shared or similar values,

agreement about when and how many children they want

agreement about preferred lifestyle and long term gaols

willingness and commitment to mutual support in spiritual growth

good communication skills

including the ability to solve problems constructively

mutual respect, trust, honesty, kindness and consideration for one another's needs

not trying to control or change one another

not expecting perfection

learning how to accept

In terms of beauty, it's important that neither partner feel revulsion,

but other than that, equality in aesthetic appearances is trivial.

Social status need not be an obstacle.

Her lack of showing grief could mean many possible things,

so don't worry too much about trying to work it out.

Your choice to cut off all contact so dramatically strikes me as a little odd,

but perhaps there are cultural norms in your country that I know nothing about.

A clean break can be voluntary and sensible on both sides.

It leaves you free to each might the right choices for your future.

I wish you well.

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We were all created by one creator, and He shows no favorites, but holds that we are all equal. Looks and profession are hardly standards by which to judge people. I don't believe you were right. I think you sell yourself short. If SHE is your friend and she feels you are good enough, then you are. Say you're sorry, you just got scared and be happy.

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Well I don't think it is normal, but I'm not from the same culture.

So I can't really see things from your point of view.

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i think her rejecting you made you upset. so you withdrew from her. your low self esteem tells you that you aren't good enough or whatever reasons. if you knew what true love was, you'd know that true love doesn't judge by what you look like or occupation. true love is also true friendship. it sounds like you're the one that decided, but half expected or wanted her to go after you. not going to happen. i don't think you're ready for a relationship anyway.

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It would seem that she dodged a bullet. It was a good deed on your part.

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