to go to the doctor tomorrow?
fireflyaway fireflyaway 22-25, F 6 Answers Jun 17, 2010

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First get a potato cut it in half and place it on the burn, the starch from the potato is good for burns.

DO NOT break the blister if it forms.. because of infection.

I don't know how long it has been when you burnt yourself, but if it happens again remember this tip, because the starch from the potato stops a blister forming.

Tomorrow seek help from you Pharmacist.

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If it hurts it is a first or second degree burn and should heal on its own, if you keep it clean. If there is an area that doesn't hurt, that could mean you have a third degree burn with nerve damage, and you definitely need a doctor. And obviously if your skin is extremely disfigured you should get it looked at to prevent major scarring.

(I am not a doctor)

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Is it blistered badly? And how large is the burn?

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