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Sure, I have made many from a mild suck to a wild ride! The first ones I made from a car AC Compressor, works really great and you can control the suction on your penis from non to "suck that thing clean off me!" I have also made others from an old lawn mower engine. If you want to know more I can tell you details! Let me know!

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Please tell me more about your wonderful Cow Milking Machine!

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I reciently made the engine masterbeater, and I do mean "beater!" I hooked a rod to the piston in the engine and its powered by a 3/4 hp electric motor. When I turn on the motor it operates the mower engine which is attached to my **** by the rod and a cup over the end that fully encases my ****! I can then control the back and forth motion as much as I want and as much as my **** can take it! Once my **** is used to it I can speed it up so fast that my **** gets hot from the friction and I have an uncontrolable organsm!! Wow does it ever do the trick on it!! Its fantastic!

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