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Please don't judge yourself by other people's attitudes. Maybe you are meant to be alone. Which is fine. Other people are just a torment. Walk away from them.

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Here's my approach: (Still in the works)

- If the world hatts you, hatt it back! (I.e. don't take any ****)

- While you're doing that, tell yourself you're the only real thing in this world, so nothing/noone really matters...every day! (An open mind towards the workings of our universe helps alot, while close-minded religions hampers it)

- On top of all that, follow the "golden rule"(google it) as a personal law/guideline, you'll be able to make yourself happy.

-- Then, according to every idealist dipshit out there, you'll be able to meet both new friends and girls.


All these points work together to make you one, just remember 3 things:

1. This is just one way, the options are limitless.

2. Don't actually hate people, it's just to help prepare your psyche for the next step.

3. This is NOT a quick-fix, and might not work for everyone.

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read up on what it means to be a narcissist

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First of all, never listen to those of whom are self riotous. they are ridiculous, and annoying as a person. Enjoy life, while you have it. I was once told by the butler for Cameron house hotel - George Telford - that the only time you should look down on others, is when you are helping them back up. If other people aren't like that, then you haven't missed much. cherish those two people, because they will get far in life. manners costs nothing, but it doesn't make you cheap, shame those people don't understand it,and pertaining to the pain thing, if it is physically, go to the doctors.. now... get off the computer. if it is mentally, sometimes, that can be a good thing, your pain will return, but not for just anything, for especially hurtful things, like the death of a loved one.

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if your a bad person change your life style

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but are you a bad person? and what makes a good person?

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