Check out these maps,then maybe you`ll understand why the Palestinians are pissed.

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I understand why both sides are pissed.

I don't know enough about any of this to be honest.

But I cannot pick sides on the other side of the globe.

And I don't wish too anyways. I just want it to stop and for both sides to retreat back to the lands as first agreed upon after world war 2 and just call it a day. Stay away from one another and hopefully one day they can break bread together and realize how stupid it all was.

I know that may be hard for both sides to do, but what is the alternative?

I just see extreme aggressors on both sides, but also peaceful people on both sides that are just fearful and being mislead by other vengeful people. I just really don't understand how this hasn't finished by now, and some combined greater powers put a stop to it. I don't know how, but I don't want either sides children to be killed or raised with hate or fear. And I don't want other nations to get dragged in, picking sides as supposed to just separating to groups that are trapped in a war that has gone on far too long.

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The country of Israel is pathologically incapable of reaching a negotiated settlement with the Palestinians, and look for every opportunity to slaughter them with impunity, because they want all the land, from the "Nile to the Euphrates", Because they believe it was given to them by God:"On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram and said, "To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates".Some say that is what the two blue stripes on the Israeli flag really represent...the two rivers with Israel in the middle.

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I get that, but they claim the Palestinians do not want peace either.

Seems like both are trapped in a..... the other just want stop see we must continue.

I believe that there is probably rederick on both sides that is harmful and could be quoted, in and out of context. But I also believe that deep down surely the Palestinians and the Jewish people would both desire peace. It's just silly scripture, past blood, fear, distrust and vengeance that gets in the way.

Just seems to me that both sides are trapped in a war that neither really wants.

No one wants to risk/endanger their life and that of their kin if they don't feel like they have too. Maybe those calling shots out of harms way that believe themselves to be safe. But no sane person, knowingly adds to a war that will only result in more dead and more recruits. Both sides will always win public opinion, and both sides will always find recruits. Until some day, when both sides finally have enough and can drop the vengeance at the same time without fear or distrust.

That may be hard to achieve but it beats the alternative and we can't all be crazy forever. No offense. You have been good in your responses, but I would like this to end for the well being of both sides and the well being for all the bystanders who do not wish to kill either of you or be killed by either as well.

Do you understand?
I have no hate for either.
Just want better for all.

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I understand what you are saying..but Israel doesn't want peace.If the Palestinians can be obliterated completely, which is the government of Israel's goal, then the land upon which the Palestinians have been living for centuries will no longer be contested.
It is just that simple. This is Israel's "Final Solution" to their "Palestinian Problem."

And the rest of the world powers are afraid to stand up and say "ENOUGH" to Israel,because they don`t want to be seen as "Anti-Semitic" or to be called "Nazis".

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I understand that.
But do not believe that is a view shared by all.

On the other side though.
Would there not be some Palestinians that would like their own final solution of the Jewish people as well?

It is sad but that is war, and the two groups wish to eliminate their threat, but the threat continues and worsens due to that as well. That is why I say it's a trap.

I do agree a bit on the Anti-Semitic stuff though. Sadly we have taken sides a bit and I myself was swept up in the 9/11 attacks wanting to join the army but pulled out. Emotions run high and we are given targets and enemies for the wrongs in the world.

I am older now and know better than to think one would be evil. We all justify our actions and do a lot based upon fear, but we all think we are right too. I was ready to kill too on that basis, until I realized it was silly and I will only do that when directly threatened. Not put myself in a situation where I must or be killed.

It is a sad world unfortunately. But I will still dream of the breaking of bread together. It's better than dreams of violence that should have never been.

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That's why she's goin...

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I don't understand?

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Yeah, as if anybody with any power is reading that.

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Who knows? But picking sides ain't helping.

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