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got you im right there with you ,,, im so depressed right now i just dont know how to get out of it this time, and its good your wanting help me i just gave up. sorry i know im just bringing you down.

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It took my husband walking out for me to realize how far down I'd gone. Now I'm desperately trying to get well while handling even more responsibilities than before. Him leaving forced my hand, the next day I was on the phone with the doctor, and had made the appointment to start counseling both for me and marital.

If only I could make him understand they way I've been acting wasn't me, it was the depression. I just pray the damage I did to our marriage can be repaired.

If I can do it, anyone can.

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Ever noticed how life always seem to kick you hardest when your down? I have, and you know what I do?

Kick the D@@b arsed bi@@ right back twice as hard!

Or to put it another way. Get a strop on and fight back. Life can be good but sometimes you just need to fight for it.

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