Few hours ago I heard that my ex get married. It was a really surprising and shocking news but I don't know why I feel bad. we broke up 3 years ago and since two years I've been with another guy who I love so much but it's long distinct relationship. I feel like I'm betraying my boyfriend by this reaction to my ex news. Does it mean I still have feeling for my ex??? How can I get rid of these feeling? I love my boyfriend how can I still have feelings for my ex?? I feel I'm terrible person. I just want my boyfriend to be next to me now....
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Feelings aren't like a lightswitch, you can't easily turn them off. There is still a special place in your heart that is his. It will diminish over time but your now boyfriend being close is a good support mechanism.

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This isn't uncommon at all.

It's actually quite common and even acceptable to repress alot of feeling during and after a breakup. Sometimes this is because we don't want to make the other person feel as though we are as hurt as we actually are, and other times it's because we have to function in an environment that doesn't allow for emotions. And then there are some people that cover up sadness with anger, or anger with sadness and again - the original emotion doesn't go away, but is just repressed.

As with anything else that you repress, all it takes is an emotional trigger to release repressed feelings. In this situation, it's easy to see: a part of your past moves on with his future. It stirs repressed emotions. It doesn't mean that you are "unfaithful" to anyone, and it's really none of your new bf's business any more than anything else you went through before he came around.

It means another opportunity to let something go.

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the answer is no but it is plain to see that you hate your ex and don't want them to share the love that you wonce had

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Like I've said before, Love is not a light switch that you can turn off.

It took me just over 2 yrs to get over my ex.

It's normal, and I would suggest --> think of what you have now in your current relationship and move on ... I think it's more the shock than the love that is getting to the better of you.... Feelings; shows that you're human and not a bitter person. There is no law against having feelings for anyone.

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You will never forget your ex!.....Unless you have

Alzheimers! No!.It doesn't mean anythingat all!

Just carry on with your life!

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