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I'm 165 pounds and I'm only 5"3 it just doesn't feel right. I am very curvy though if that changes anything, and it's not like I'm not athletic.
Sk8ErGurL101 Sk8ErGurL101 13-15, F 6 Answers Aug 15, 2012 in Image & Weight

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Are you having a "fat day"? I have those days... as well as "OMG, my hair is bitchin'" days, "these pants look awesome on me" days, and "I did my make-up really cool" days. <br />
<br />
You just say, "okay, having a fat day. I can't lose 10 pounds in a day". And decide if you want to lose those ten pounds in a month. It's completely up to you, but don't make yourself feel bad about it.

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i know feeling i am 5 5 150 lbs and i feel fat 10lbs over weight people thing i nuts but use to work out lot. got injured now have little belly but bothers me big time so i will be watching what eat and working to lose. it s what you feel comfitable with have to please your self

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be who you are and stop worrying about your weight we all come in different shapes and sizes, its what makes us unique.

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