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Would you give up ever being happy because you don't want to be sad? Would you give up ever feeling joy because you don't want to feel anger? Would you give up being rich because you don't ever want to be poor? Should birth stop so there will be no more death?

Just don't dwell on the past.... look for what lies ahead and life will work itself out. But to feel nothing at all is not life.

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have to agree

Yes i hate the pain of my wife being killed so young but yet i am so pround of her for the choice she made to join the USMC

and face it a lot of thepain may have been because i was not there when she was hurt and killed out right they say i was in a coma fighting to stay alive i guess do not know

i remember a long tunnel of light and walking down it then being told it was not my time and sent back to this hell

the next thing i knew i was being told to see alice 10 feet tall and my gradmother screams as my room filled with people rushing in then i felt the IVS moving and bad to sleep but yet different

i have 6 great years of feeling to look back on and yes many may think it was strange to love that hard so young in life but we did and i am proud of how we had lived our lifes

i am proud i made her dreams for the other couples we knew as kids come true made sure they got there first home and then the money they paid back went bank in to a bank account for there kids could go to school on free grants

I hate being the last one of the group left alive

i loved my second love and for the rest of my life i will never forget her or the fear on her exhusband face as i walked in to the nurse him he was then living ion and he knew i was there to kill him for what he had done to her

but i thought of her and the things he had done to her over the years and i just whispered welcome to hell i would be back

the fear on his parenst face as they saw me leaving the places as they took of screaming and running to his room the poor little rich boy died like so many others of bedsore and infection and the pain

we do not know or no one told me long long she had lived after the car accident when he was drunk and hit a car killing 2 more it was 4 days till the police did an invatory of his car and fond the body of my second love taped and tied up shuve in the trunk

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You are correct. Poets say some really stupid stuff.

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Even though we love and lose, there are always some joyous memories of love before it takes a nosedive. It's not all pain and suffering. I cherish the good memories and hope the painful ones will keep me from making the same mistakes next time love comes my way.

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No its essential to feel pain and heartache its what makes us human. Without our emotions we really are just robots. The pain in heartache is immense but a necessary one.

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If you have never had your heart ripped out...set on fire...stomped through the wringer and the scavengers pecking at it THEN yes it is better to have loved...

BUT if you have had all that happen and then some i am sure i forgot...the HELL NO it is better cause love IS NOT worth it

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I think it is a sad view you have. I have been hurt and disappointed by love, and I have lost people I love through cheating and death, but I wouldn't change it. Most of the people I've loved, have added depth and richness to my life. I regret loving a few. I am sorry that I didn't recognize the danger they represented to my family, but most were just living and trying to get by, just like me. If things didn't work out, it was as much my fault as theirs. (except for the ones who died by accident or illness) It takes two to make or break a relationship.

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I would to have never loved at all because I wouldn't miss her so much.

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