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when I was 7 years old, ive seen a small hand at the jalousy of my lolas window but didnt notice that it had arms. It disappeared after I blinked though. A cold air, sudden goose bumps, smelling flowers, hearing someone calling my name, and others i cannot express. Seeing dark figures sometimes happens when I was in college. Can anybody explaine to me what is it? It is normal? I usually wakes between 12 am until 3 am to 4 am..
jinx24 jinx24 26-30, F 4 Answers Jun 9, 2014 in LGBT

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Please get help...please !

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the last woman who talked to me about a third eye was a ******** I met here in Mexico. She was soooo full of it

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interesting. Good you are confidant in your mental stability no disrespect intended. In the culture I live in that would be the suggestion I guess but I think it is wrong not explore everything. Best wishes

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