He abused me every time we went over there....he abused me for a year.... I don't know what to do!! I can't even sleep without having nightmares of you! What can I make me happy
emily98 emily98 16-17, F 6 Answers Sep 3, 2012 in Community

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Go to your school counselor, tomorrow. It isn't your fault. See the counselor.

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You need to understand that you have done nothing wrong. He is a person with a problem that needs attention. But now the rite thing to do is tell someone. Adults need to know what kind of person he is. And then you will let all the people that can help you into your life. This is something you need to let your family help you with. There are people that love you that he hurt them to by hurting you.

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Yes Report This... your too young to be going through this alone

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Sorry excuse for a human being is what he is. Tell your parents , your aunt and uncle, your Grandparents, your teacher, any adult that will listen to you. If any young girl that was family , friend or even a stranger told me that someone was or has abused them I would be calling the cops to report the abuse and recomend a good proctologist to remove the baseball bat from the guys a$$.

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emily, did you tell someone? Dont let anyone get away with abusing you... it is not right and you did not deserve for that to happen. Dont let them get away with it! Tell the school counselor or tell another family member.. dont suffer in silence.

Im sorry this happened to you..


if you are struggling with this and you can't sleep and you have nightmares, please ask for help... it would be helpful if you could talk to a counselor / therapist.

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