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You must be nervous, don't worry. I don't think it means that your relationship is falling apart. For a play I was part of, I had to wear black shoes with huge fake diamonds. The night before, I had a dream that my diamonds were missing from my shoes and I looked all over for them. And that didn't mean I was going to mess up the play.

You must have been relieved that it was a dream!

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ive been engaged just over a month and its the first dream I had about it...was scary

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That might be when it 'sunk in'. Maybe you were over the whole "Oh, yay, I'm engaged!" feeling (if it ever leaves) and then started to think about it more. Not sure, just thinking out loud

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Are you engaged???If yes then it means you're going to break up with your fiancee.

If that ring broke then something bad will happen :( I hope no.

If your ring broke then your fiancee will get health complications.

If no then it might be that you'll get apart.

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maybe you feel like your relationship is falling apart

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