Can anyone help? I just found this website and I've been sad for months. It seems like everybody here doesn't care to even listen or want to know what's wrong with me. My good friend not to long ago committed suicide because of the same reason, I do not want to end up there... Anyone?
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I've never really been a big believer in religion. I always wake up sad and down even if there is something that I'd normally get excited about. My parents are not together and my step treats my mom like ****. My girlfriend of 2 years I'm more then convinced is cheating on me. I am almost 18 years old in my senior year and I'm a strong marijuana user which my family has a problem with, they rejected me and still continue to do so. My only escape is partying and rugby but both have done a great amount of damage to my body. All I'm doing now is slowly losing my sight or grip on life. I need to talk to someone! Pills, alcohol and drugs have got me no where...

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My condolences for your loss man. Give this site some time, it always takes a while before you start finding the right kind of people to interact with. Searching and creating experiences on here will also help with that process. Stay strong bro.

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