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There is something called the centor criteria. There are four items. Do you have any of the following:

1. Fever (greater than 100.4) remember your temp may not be "right" if you took a fever reducer like tylenol or motrin.

2. Lyphandeopathy. or swollen lymph nodes. look at a diagram of where they are, there are quite a few. make sure it is not some bump that is also on the other side or supposed to be there.

3. Exudate on tonsils, can also be pustules.

4. NO cough. strep rarely causes a cough. usually this means no antibiotics.

In medical terms a "cold" is called an upper respiratory infection. If you have 3 or more of the above you must go to the doctor and get antibiotics because you likely have a strep infection.

If you have 2 its 50/50

If you only have one you can take meds for symptomatic care until you get better on your own.

all this assumes that you don't have sinus pain, or any type of fungal infection, or pneumonia (which usually has a cough), or are a smoker, or any comorbidities.

Meds for a cold would be mucinex (I am not a stockholder), a cough supressant for at night or bad time in the day(if you have a cough), nasal saline (probably the best and cheapest on the list), a painkiller like tylenol or motrin (please use the correct dosage)

Remember if you get "bad" always go to the doctor. Remember how much you paid for this advice.

I hope this helps.

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When I feel a cold coming on I would drink hot chocolate with peppermint. It clears the congestion and soothes my throat. I can't take medicines for colds so I had to find an alternative.

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Vitamin C and Zinc always work for me.

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I always find two lemsips does the trick and a few paracetemol. I know you prob think thats an overdose but it works.

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u can't cure a cold.. fluids nasal spays and sudafed should ease ur symptoms

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gargle w/ salt weater for the sore throat.

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I woke up this morning with those same symptoms. Except my ears are also clogged, so I'm practically deaf. :( Looks like something is going around.

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A sure fire cure is to take minimum 50 mg of zinc. However if you are a big person I would take 100 mg. In addition two tablest of tylenol. Take care.

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