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i'm a good guy who's smart, funny, and decent looking but most women would get with a leper before they'd get with me, and any time i have a shot with a woman, even if i make a good first impression for some reason my personality then makes everything go for a turn of the worse and i end up screwing myself, especially with the phone. I always get phone numbers only to have girls not answer the phone when I call them. All my friends make it seem like it's so easy to get a girlfriend, and I know for a fact I'm a more attractive person than some of them, so I have no idea what's wrong with me, and it's especially frustrating to have people tell me that I'm innocent or "such a nice guy", and that someday I'll find the right person, but i know that's a bunch of horseshit. I feel like a total failure. Probably hard to help me with this issue but I'd rather rant anonymously than post something stupid on my facebook account.
ssj29 ssj29 22-25, M 5 Answers Oct 10, 2009

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Confidence is the most important thing at your age. Stop comparing yourself to others and concentrate working on yourself. Why would you go out with yourself? That will give you a lot of insight into your challenge.<br />
Relax. Take it easy. Don't be so hard on yourself. Learn to like yourself.

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You answered your own question (er, not that there actually was any question) when you said "I'm innocent" and "I'm such a nice guy". Women don't find those things attractive, and as far as I can tell, good looks are also secondary. Confidence is where it's at, my friend. Stop worrying about women and work on that, and the women will just come naturally.

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Don't worry. You've probably got so much more luck with this than I do.

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