i'm not really alive. i wish i could just die somehow. don't really care what happens to me. the best thing would be if my death served some greater purpose, but i 'm not smart enough to figure one out. people from the outside looking in always think there's more to me then there actually is. I'm mindnumbingly dull and can't appreciate the great life i've been given, because for some demented reason, i can't think or have emotions. I don't think i have a moral status, which is why i never get upset about being treated a certain way. you name a basic personality flaw, i've got it. is there some way i can donate my body to science so at least I'll be useful to society that way? Is there anyone else who feels like this? What do you do all day? Doctor thinks i'm depressed, but i've been like this my entire life. Mindlessly wandering, like a zombie. Is it okay for me to kill myself? I know i owe things to other people but don't feel that i can measure up. Everything I do i screw up in some way. What do i deserve? Do i deserve to die? Do i deserve torture? I see all the things that other people write, the stuff you guys go through, and i think, i could never go through that. i could never think those thoughts. it would just be emptiness for me and i'd forget about it afterwards. When people make eye contact with me, it makes me feel more real. Thanks for replying. it means a lot to me.
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I relate to all that.

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you might be depressed

you might be in denial

you might be a psychopath

you should get a doctor's opinion.

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You're a normal human being just open your eyes to all things, then one day you'll be interested in one particular thing then you'll have feelings then set goals to achieve what you'll be interested in. Don't force anything it comes naturally all in good time, you'll be stronger then.

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