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Sometimes the only thing you can do is to force yourself to get out and experience life. Things may seem lackluster to you at the moment and maybe those feelings will continue for a while. Only you know "how much is too much" and when it's time to talk to a physician about the possibility of depression. It's tough living a half life; I've been there and I know that life can seem completely pointless at times. But there IS a way out. Ask yourself how willing you are to work towards that solution -- being miserable most of the time is NOT the way it's supposed to be. So get out there, smell some flowers, watch some kids play, pet a cat, and take a long walk on a wooded trail. If you still feel completely dispirited after doing this and/or the things that used to give you pleasure, I think it really is time to get some sound medical advice about the way you feel.

Good luck to you ...

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Having had depression myself, this sounds like what you may be going through. The lack of interest in life and living. Please get to a doctor as you might be having a chemical imbalance right now. Tests are available for this and there is no stigma at being depressed. It as real as having any other illness but without obvious physical signs to others.

Some things that do help is getting out in the sunshine. Exercise. Doing good things for yourself but if the underlying cause is a chemical imbalance, then medical treatment is the best way to go. This does not mean in any way that you are crazy. It is a valid problem with safe medications available.

Because you asked this question, you realize that there is a problem and this is the first step in regaining your joy for life and living. Good for you! Many people never take this first step and just exist with something that is fixable. You show a lot of strength. Be proud of this fact!

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Sorry to disagree with some prior advice you got here on EP, but a funny movie or stroll in the woods is NOT going to fix something this serious.

Sounds like episodic or chronic depression, and/or possibly SAD if you live in a northern climate where this winter has dragged on and on. None of these are something you can "snap out of" with mere willpower.

The first step is recognizing/accepting that there is something wrong, which you have done here. Good!

Now get thee to a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist. Second choice would be a GP if you have no access to a psychiatrist, need a referral to one first, or your insurance doesn't cover mental health.

If these aren't options, there are also psychologists, counselors (both secular and spiritual) and some employers offer their employees counseling services. So do some schools or colleges (since I haven't looked at your profile to see how old you are).

You've sensed that something is very wrong. Now the best way to find out what it is and how it can be helped is to seek out the right kind of help. Please don't delay!

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I felt the same way and I have tried all the none medical ways. My sister's friend threatens to call an ambulance to grab me to the hospital which I felt ridiculous since first, I have never attempted any violent acts, or suicide acts.

I have read on types of depressions since my family members are all depression freaks and since I quited my job and sit at home not giving them the luxury of life, they wanted me to see a doctor so that I go back to work without knowing they cause the problem. Saying that, they care about me, and on the other hand nagging me to work for the house expenses. While no on ewants to bring home the expense income.

I no longer dream about prince charming to rescue since , no man I date please my mother, and she would make me break up with them in the end even if I love them very much.

All the life dissapointments, betrayal and no true love made me felt no point living. All the lies, greed, which never stop acting up made me felt hopeless. How to walk out of it? Prozac?I see Medication as temporay solution, long term use would be addiction and creating another problem itself.

End of the day you have to really listen to your heart which most of us forgot. For if u truely seek, you will find. It took me 5 years listening to the heart sutra and finally they found me the answer, strength and confidence. No one can help you, only god will tell u why u r here for.

There is nothing wrong with this feeling, cause everything in life is just an illusion and recently scientifically proven. Next , for all u know, the solar flare is coming this dec 2012. So, why borther to worry about why, since all will end, just enjoy each moment how u like it as long as u don't hurt anyone.

There is nothing wrong with this feeling, as I know, sudden lost of interest with people is highly due to human pollution of the heart and behavior and that u find alot of devious being ard u since u still have some pure sense in you. U might have felt soul touching , and u realised that the less bad being ard the more peace u have. It's your soul calling for purifications until u have healed and found your defensive power to live or change the devils ard you. While meantime, you still are lost and wonder what's going on since everyone ard u with the wrong concepts of how life should be is disrupting u hence making u feel more contridicting and pointless to change the large majority trying to make u live ur life for them.

If u read from chinese confucion study of what is the defination of a human , a devil and a spirt, maybe that is the start of your answer. How to be a human? you will realise that there is alot of devil in human skin ard you through their behaviors ! A monk answered this question before in youtube, why do u need bad influences or attentions when you are self sufficient and at peace in the first place. Find fufillment through the good and get better till u can change the bad with your best.

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First off, why are you letting your mother control your life? If your family is causing you pain, why are you hanging out with them? You need to get away from them and meet supportive, kind people who believe in you. As for solar flares in 2012, that ship has sailed. Focusing on potential disasters as an excuse to not engage in life ("Maybe it will all end is meaningless") is unhealthy. The best thing I did for myself was move across the country - AWAY from my family, who was making me crazy - and start a new life. I learned how to be self-sufficient and realized that I CAN take care of myself. Believe in yourself and stop letting people and things outside of you control you.

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i'm tired - i don't think a doctor will help - i think they'll just be bored with my ennui - 'cos really it's their job earning money and sighing when another case walks through the door. how do you find people that really care? professionals just do their profession, sell pharmaceutical stuff, parrot the words they learnt at counselling workshops and then go home. going to see a professional is like paying for a performance. i'm tired.

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I totally agree, no one who is a pro cares to take any of there medicine seriously, and get to know the patient is totally out of the question.

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you need to find out what causing the depression, i feel depressed cuz im not doing what i want and i'm lonely, i don't have friends or much look to why???? it may be chemical issue not just emotional. is there something that set you back, disappointed you or put you in that state...try to identify the issues, get help, deal with the why and behind you feelings. a check up at the doctor is a good idea, and maybe a blood test.

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These are some of the worst answers I've ever heard. Here are some tangible things you can do to feel better NOW:

1. If you have a smart phone, download the free app/game "SuperBetter." It's a program made by a designer who went through a severe depression. Her name is Jane McGonigal - look up her TedTalk on YouTube. She was depressed and made a game out of it (using methods based on science) and recovered. I was apathetic about life and suicidal when I started playing this app - and within 3 days I felt 80% better.

2. This might sound simplistic, but get out into the sunlight - even if it's just for 15-30 minutes. If you don't feel up to it, just sit out on your porch or balcony and do nothing but sit in the sunlight. Do this every day for a week. Sunlight is a proven mood enhancer.

3. Exercise helps - even just 15 to 30 minutes a day. I'm not talking about pumping iron or enrolling in a marathon, because hey, you're depressed and would rather do just about anything else. :) I'm talking about taking a walk to the park, or a bookstore, or wherever. Moving your body and forcing yourself to get out of the house - even for 10 minutes to start off - will help you get on the path to wellness.

4. If you don't feel well enough to interact with people, interact with a living thing - if you have a pet, hang out with it, talk to it - if you don't have a pet, get one. Pet owners have lower incidences of depression, because having a beloved pet gives you something outside of yourself to live for. If you can't get a pet for whatever reason - grow a garden. Walk barefoot on the grass or just sit on the grass for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Connecting with nature has been shown to improve mood and outlook - even if it's just a lawn. :)

7. Do one of the following creative exercises:

a. Make a collage of your ideal life using newspaper or magazine clippings. Put it on your wall. Look at it every day.

b. Write a diary entry about living a day in your ideal life. Be as outlandish as you want. Pretend you're the person you dreamed you would be as a kid and write about it in detail. Read it every day.

6. The evidence points to the fact that there is no God - free yourself of the Bronze Age superstition that many on this forum are pushing on you. They make it sound like "God is Love" blah blah blah, but in actuality they're pointing you towards a religion that regulates your behaviour, makes you feel guilty and broken for being human and takes your money. Free yourself from religion, which tells you that you were born imperfect, sinful and inherently evil, and being part of a major religion chipped away at my sanity. Leaving superstitions behind is a major step you can take to reclaim your intellectual and emotional freedom and well-being. Don't call on God - call a doctor, a relative, a crisis line or a friend - these are people who can actually help you. Unanswered prayers just make you feel worse.

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It's your Almighty lord's way of saying "Hello!"

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Seriously?? This is how you offer help to someone who has no interest in life? Thanks for being a shining example of how useless and insensitive your religion truly is.

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When personal situations keep striking you down deeper and deeper into despair. Constantly trying to reverse the process gets tiring. "theres no point in living" anymore.

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I feel the same way, and i have been on medication for years, and had therapy... And I now what? I just don't think there is a magic answer... Maybe we just have to push ourselves until we find something we are passionate about again.... Maybe the medication after a while is what makes us numb?

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remember you are here for a porpose. thats not forfilled yet

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You sound like you are suffering depression,its a nasty illness that I have suffered from for many Years,and still do sometimes even now.I have been very very low,and nothing or anyone would be of interest to me,I have had the meditation,counciling,which sometimes worked for a while.

My advice to you is go and see your Doctor and explain to him/her what you are feeling!!

Take Care

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Lack of life goal.

What's Your sense of life ?

Are You bored or disappointed ?

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Go help someone in need. Get out of yourself for awhile.

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Come and live with me


We will conquer all fear.

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i will where do u live??? I love taking care of people just looking for someone to let me!

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I feel the same way as you. Thing is I am 38 years old now and not a teenager. So if anything I am living proof that you can and will get through this and move on with your life. Everyone seems to find a "vice" to bide their time. There is of course the bad vices....Drugs/drinking, partying, "fornication" which the running around having sex with the opposite sex without marriage or commitments. And then you have "good" vices like usually the free stuff....a game of basketball at the local park if you are able, a nature hike, drawing a picture, music, pets, a family of your own. Well what makes a vice good or bad? The fruit it reaps. Like everyone here I was once a teen too. And the parties and the drugs never did anything positive for me but land me in jails, courts, and trouble trouble trouble. Fornication can lead you to children you become legally responsible for and a father or mother of a child that does not love you and sees you only as a meal ticket. Hey I know some people that have gotten really great marriages out of those situations but the vast majority of time its not a fairy tale ending. You will have people that tell you you are "depressed" and need medication. But I tell you personally I have seen depression and other mental problems that TRULY warranted a use for medications but these feelings you are having are common and seem to be a part of life that most go through as a teenager. The truth is, there is only certain things we have to do - eat, use the bathroom, sleep, sex. And then there is the things we do between these activities that often act in ways to change our perception of time. There are many that will tell you to drown yourself in work. But what is work? To slave on a job to earn paper trinkets (that only have value because they give it value) that is then used to buy things that usually we don't need. It is out of our lust and greed that we buy these material items that mean nothing. And will be as forgotten as our own legacies. So what then does matter? God matters. The one thing you can't buy or sell nor can you give to anyone. If you think of this life as all that there is then it becomes very futile and pointless. However if you think of this life as nothing but a blink of an eye compared to eternity without a physical body then it starts to change how you think. I turned to the bible and Jesus starting around 2011 till now. All that end of the world 2012 stuff really made me explore the options. We are taught to believe that we can control our destiny without God this is a LIE!!! King Solomon of the bible was supposed to be the wisest man alive. He thought just like us right now. I leave you with the last words Of Ecclesiastes from Solomon in the bible "13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be ev

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