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He might feel like he is lacking something and feel uncomfortable talking with you about it, or maybe he is bored , or enjoys voyeurism -- if you acted interested in joining him looking online he might would be comfortable and open up to you about what he feels he is missing out on.

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Hmmm....If you found him red handed then I would guess it would be hard for him to deny something you just saw with your own eyes. That would make him a flat out liar. And at the same time I am sure he would be too embarrassed to come clean. By nature, when caught in a situation like that the first reaction is to lie. Now, if you suspect he is chatting with other girls and checking out pics you need to be careful not to beat him down on this issue as it can create friction between the two. Just kindly let him know that you are not okay with that and that such activity can hinder your marriage. Be careful how you handle the situation and be sure of something before you make accusations. You are his wife and their should be open communication between the two. If he won't initiate an open line of communication then maybe you should.

Now, I am a guy myself, a husband married for 11 years. 37years old with two kids. Believe me after being married so long, and with kids, activities in the bedroom will change a bit. Sex was wonderful before kids but things began dying down alittle. So I will be honest, guys are dogs, yes it's true. But so are woman, let's be real. Some more than others, but we are all the same. Anyway, whether a guy is single or married the thought of being with other women or watching other women, online or whatever, is a very curious thing and stimulating. In my case, I almost got caught myself, I was able to close the window almost immediatley, but she confronted me and I did deny it. I did not want to upset her more. But my wife got me to confess because of the approach she took. She had a conversation with some of her friends who discussed sex with their husbands. One talked about the use of sex toys and what not. One night my wife told me about the conversation and admitted that the thought was of using sex toys was arousing. She has always been a conservative women but this talk coming from her was really turning me on. She confessed that she had fantasies of us doing things together and that she fantasized about me doing her with with a large strap on. I WAS SHOCKED!!!! I am about 7 1/2 but she wanted to try something larger. Again, I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!...As a result of her opening up like that our love life has never been the same. I did come clean about the online chatting and told her I was sexually frustrated and that we needed to spice up our sex life more. She felt the same but was embarrased to ask. My wife and I now have sex like never before and are closer than ever. We have become so open that she admitted to me about sometimes ************ in the bathtub while fantasizing about other men. This was great as it caused me to talk to her about my fantasies and she does tell me it is a great turn on for her as well. I was okay with her telling me about her fantasies because I did the same. I can't get upset over something I also do. Anyway, we sometimes talk about our fantasies and she will describe or talk about what these other guys are doing to her and just hearing about it causes her to get fu*****k like never before. I haven't chatted online ever since. I get all the stimulating I need from my wife and just watching the bigger ******* di****do go in and out of my wife is like....WOW!!!! ESPECIALLY KNOWING AND SEEING THE PLEASURE ON HER FACE.....WOW.....This new open line of communication has worked for us. But I suggest you use discretion with your hubby if he is the jealous type. Not everyone can handle something like this due to jealousy issues and all. But believe me.....most husbands want an honest and respectul wife outside of the bedroom. But inside the bedroom we desire a slutty wife and want her to act like one too, BUT ONLY INSIDE THE BEDROOM. And there is nothing wrong with that. You are his wife and he is your husband. There should be no secrets of this nature. We are all humans and we are all sexual beasts. Again, some more than others.

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Old story for me that is... It started with just exploring the internet.. then when I confronted him it became a secret thing that he did after I was asleep or at work.

The whole thing ruined 26 years of trust. I ruined my self esteem and caused a divorce. Addiction is a harsh word but it does become an addiction. Movies, magazines, and lots of really sick chatrooms.

Remember to tell yourself that it's not about what you did or didn't do... it's about him. If you can not think of letting him lay with you without thinkin to ourself "what if he is thinking about them" Then you know what you have to do....

Save yourself. Although it's hard to walk away, remember he has already walked away. It's only a matter of time before he finds that person who he thinks will fulfill his needs. (No one will but) you don't have to be there to feel the humilation of his attitude toward you.

If you say what you say you did and he denied to your face he was as much saying that he really thinks you are easy to manipulate. If that is true then you are going to have to make up your mind and don't let him make you his personal doormat. Honey trust me..... I tried to work it out for over two years after that and all I got was alot of people feeling sorry for my poor husband who did nothing's just boys being boys... bull!!!! He destroyed another human being being just a boy.

If he can't face up to the problem he has then you have to and move right on past him.... there are plenty of great men out there that don't need to ******* to their computers honey.

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This leads to CHEATING! in person. Do not accept it!

It is a gateway. Look at the Gov of SC. It is e mailing, chatting etc..that leads to MEETING. If he has a need for validation from other women, then lose him. He can then do as he pleases and you no longer have the problem. He will do this same thing to ANY woman that he is with.

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He's kust being a man, I love my wife but it's also exciting to chat with other women, chatting & looking at pics doesn't mean we're going to cheat......Two different things.

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I found my husband chatting with other girls, asking their no and should i handle this situation?i have not confronted him yet.

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