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i would say i have felt that way as well but my mind and eyes have been more open to God's love and i feel have faith that its gona be better with him than with people here on earth not selfish but i cant wait to see my creator...and no im not religious

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Death is something that we CANNOT avoid ... everyone dies .PERIOD.

That does not mean that we have to do silly stuff to hurry death along ....

If we TRY to live a good life ; getting along with MOST people ... doing right by mother earth and the animals -creatures on it .... then when you leave this life ; you can go on to Life on the other side of this life .... as I believe that life is continueous ; just in another form..

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I get a bit uneasy sometimes.

Shakespheare put it this way.

Cowards die may times before their death

but the valiant never taste of death but once

Its seems strange to me

that men should fear death, a necessary end

will come when it will come.

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I am afraid.Because I do not know what happens.

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I know it’s not an easy task, but try living in the now. It is really all we have anyway. I don’t worry about the inevitable anymore because I found when I do I miss a part of life I am not going to get back.

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I fear only the sadness of the people I leave behind my death does not scare me nor do I worry I will only die when there is a place for me in space to create my solar system being that I will be a star someday !

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I would be afraid, too, if I didn't have the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ my savior.

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Dying is a natural part of our life. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Most religions believe that the afterlife, if there is one, is some kind of peaceful existence without any suffering in any sense.

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I don't think being dead is something to fear. It happens to everyone and I'm sure you won't care that you are dead once you are.

The process of dying, however, sounds painful... so yes, being afraid of that is reasonable.

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yes but just think of all the years you have ahead of you! :)

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You cannot believe how I freaked out for a long time about this. I even avoided traveling by plane.

But I made up my mind a lot about spiritual aspects, souls, spirits, religion and I found my ease there.

I believe that when you realize yourself more you will be less afraid of dying. Give yourself a purpose!

Apart from that I feel so connected to people that already passed away, as if spirits stay with us. Of course this is a view/experience you might not share but it really helped me alot! :)

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i say, bring it on

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