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it means i see double and sometimes twitch my eye and cant read sometimes and sh-it. thanks dad. and he blames me for being messed up ha! i cant read off chalkboards now or from small print books. that means i really am now extremely learning disabled because i have two serious ones. they say i have to get new lenses in my glasses and it will help but i havent worn my glasses since grade 7 when i was 11.
ZacS9 ZacS9 16-17, M 2 Answers Jun 27, 2014 in Community

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I blame Phoebe

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I got a head injury in a car accident and years later found out I have a serious genetic problem that causes many small strokes and gets worse with age. You have heard about "neuroplasticity", retraining the brain? At your age, you should see a neuro-psychologist and work on getting better with therapy.

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