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OKay don't judge me but before me and my boyfriend got together I had a little thing with his brother although I regret it it was through him which I met my boyfriend.He knows I dated his brother and has got over it but through time me and his brother have like a rollercoaster relationship one time he said he loved me like a sister now its like he hates me he once told me that I didnt deserve his brother and I should go f*** myself because I am an embarrasment to their family.My boyfriend don't know all this and he is really close to his brother and I just don't know :'(
BarbieGirlTess BarbieGirlTess 13-15 2 Answers Sep 30, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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well that sucks....

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If you are immature about it, it will "tear you apart". Though if you act like an adult and have a talk with him, and realise that you need to respect each other's differences, then there shouldn't be much of a problem. And if he acts immature, then just tell your boyfriend you aren't feeling comfortable with the way his brother is treating you.

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