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So the dream was about me and this guy,and he looked really familiar but i can't remember who he actually is. I feel like i've seen this guy before and its bugging be because i can't remember who it is... anyway in the dream he and I were hugging and it was like a hug that someone doesn't want to let you go or say goodbye... and he was whispering things like, "i miss you" or "i love you" or "i'll see you again" or "don't leave" things like that. This dream felt really strong i guess is what someone would say and I haven't been able to get it off my mind, like i want to go find the person because i know i know them from somewhere. But anyway i was wondering if anyone could interpret this for me... Thanks.
C10701 C10701 13-15, F 4 Answers Dec 18, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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it shows that you are all the time thinking of a honest partner in your life.

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A dog is going to attack and maim you soon.

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sounds like you're longing for love... probably with someone you haven't met yet. either that or you had a strong connection to someone who simply passed through your life and was gone... or there's some relationship that means a lot to you that's in danger... or indigestion. it gives me the weirdest dreams sometimes.

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