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a old lady dress in in black beside my bed.i have a dream on her 2 times

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hello :}

i have been interpeting dreams for over 22 years and while some dreams are simply the subconscious mind going over things that have happened or things on your mind in a symbolic way there are certain dreams that can be premonitions,warnings,insights ,granted we dont like know for sure but in this case a woman in black saying someone is sick ,could be a warning ,,,make sure first off that you are taking care of yourself and those around you if you see something odd with someone you know suggest they get checked out it wont hurt ,we often dont get to help but sometimes because this was something you remembered perhaps it is meant as insight so that you will be more attuned to someone maybe not doing well .........

do you recall if this woman was someone familiar feeling too you ?????like a connection ???

anyway i hope something here helps a bit

pj :}

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order a pizza

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