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tssalley tssalley 31-35 5 Answers Dec 27, 2010

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Don't worry about this dream. It is very normal. In fact, perhaps you should share this dream with your partner (assuming he is not foolishly jealous)? I might just be a fantasy you can share. If you can do this you will no doubt discover that he has had a similar dream about another woman. Talking about it will alleviate any guilt. - just a thought.

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its completely normal ... dont at all feel guilty or nything... the only thing is there might be something which is not happening the way you want..or ur husband dont seem to act the way you r expecting him.... give your self time... sit a side and talk to him... if u hv nythng bothering between u both....

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if you felt guilty or afraid, then mabey you think your husband dosent trust you or your afraid of hurting him.<br />
you may want tell him somthing which may hurt him. you may be afraid you dont love him. i duno dont take my answers seriuosly im just putting it out there. but it could be some emotion you are processing in your sleep, so look at how did you feel in the dream? and does it relate to a circumstance in my life. cause thats where the answer lies

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