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what does it mean? in my dream she got shot by a gang right in her chest and bleed to death. what does this mean?? and also, i KNOW she died in my dream, but when they had her in teh coffin, i guess my mind changed it(b/c i didnt like it or something) and in the coffin it was some random guy. and this is also wierd. the next day i saw on the news that a woman was shot in her back, and died. wierd! also a few months ago, i dream a fire explosion and told my brother (in detail) and a couple of days later he said he saw that on the news there had been a forest fire. on the t.v., the fire shown with detail like i had described it to him. wierd? or just coincidence? but what did that dream mean? about my mom?
d754 d754 18-21, F 1 Answer Oct 12, 2009

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