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VINTAG3P VINTAG3P 18-21 3 Answers Apr 28, 2010

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my grandfather committed suicide on may 26th and i had a dream he kept telling me he is not dead he is alive and iam not understand what he is telling me

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Well, I am no expert, but I do truly believe that you grandfather was trying to communicate with you for some kind of purpose. Whether it be to assure you everything's O.K. or to tell you some things that will happen in the future. I've read around somewhere on the Internet where people's deceased loved ones would come into their dreams to tell them things; personal things that are supposed to happen in the near future. And guess what? Soon, the things their loved ones said actually came to be true. I'm not necessarily saying that whatever they say is destined to come true, but it's a possibility. Dreams are portrayals of your subconscious as well, so it may well just be your own subconscious imagining your grandfather because maybe you miss him. But if it is a spiritual connection, he may just be communicating with you for some important purpose and to get your attention because when you're sleeping, according to some other websites I've seen, it's the best connection the deceased have with the living to communicate with them. Your mind is peaceful with you're asleep, which makes it easier for your deceased loved ones to communicate with you. I hope that answers your question! (:

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NOTHING....It was a DREAM!

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