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i unfortunately, woke up before it could end. I knew I had to go back to the dream to teach that bast@rd a lesson. So I concentrated until I was back in the same scene. Then, I sent the ****** to the moon :D
Bannedforyoursins Bannedforyoursins 66-70, M 6 Answers Dec 28, 2012 in Hobbies

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I have dreaming about a serial killer being after me for about 5 months now and the other night my son in law, whom I've never told about this, said that we were running away from a serial killer and that he had to save me with "ninja moves" :D. At least he doesn't hate me! I've never dreamed about this sort of thing before though. Great job protecting yourself in your dream!

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Violence is never the answer.

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You have been watching too many scary fictions, films, TV shows, and faux "news." Your subconscious can't tell the difference between that fiction and your real life. It tries to process while you are asleep.

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